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⚔️🛡️ Our directory proudly showcases disability services featuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander warriors, CALD champions, language guardians, and cultural competency masters. It's a powerful tool for non-registered providers and startups, designed to navigate the diverse disability landscape with honour and strength.

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Embark on a journey with the Whole Warrior Network by securing your spot in our free DisAbility Provider Directory, tailored for NDIS™️ businesses and small business champions serving NDIS™️ participants.

🦅 Soaring above the conventional, our project stands independent, unbound by NDIS™️ or government grants. Our mission? To amplify choice and control for individuals with disabilities while bolstering startups in heralding their innovative services.

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Exciting updates ahead! Our team is diligently crafting a cutting-edge directory designed specifically for holistic NDIS providers. Behind the scenes, we're meticulously organising the data and constructing a website that will showcase your services. Stay tuned for more developments.

In the meantime, we invite you to create a complimentary listing on our current spreadsheet. Our goal is to ensure that Disability Directory Listings are both accessible and economical for startups, small, and medium-sized businesses. Ultimately increasing choice and control for people with disabilities by finding local  holistic supports, services and products.