Imagine being the go-to NDIS™️ provider, attracting more customers while making a positive impact.

Our course empowers you to become a sought after disability provider, equipping you with the knowledge to attract and retain customers.

Ethical Marketing

Learn skills to develop your own ethical marketing strategy, enhancing your reputation and customer trust.

Targeted Approach

Our course helps identify your niche audience in the disability field, allowing for more effective marketing.

Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed learning, complete with videos, downloadable worksheets and live webinars. Become a founding member of our brilliant entrepreneur's circle!

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Unlock Your Potential with the Sapphire Course: Your Pathway to Becoming a Thriving NDIS Provider!


Dive into a world of opportunity and transform your vision into reality with the Sapphire Course! This isn't just a course; it's your stepping stone to mastering the art of becoming a successful NDIS™ provider.

Imagine crafting a marketing strategy so powerful, it elevates your business to new heights. Envision yourself engaging in group business coaching sessions that provide unparalleled support and insights. Picture being part of an entrepreneur's community that's as brilliant and passionate as you are.

In this engaging video, Tania Gorry takes you on a journey through the heart of the Sapphire Course. Discover the secrets to success and how this course can be the catalyst for your thriving NDIS™ provider business. Don't just dream about success; make it your reality with the Sapphire Course.

Attract More Customers with Ethical Marketing

Tried generic marketing strategies and failed? They lack the trauma-informed approach. Enrol for the Sapphire Course and join our course and community of entrepreneurs making a difference

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